Who’s at The Door? A Guide to Video Doorbells & Their Intrigue

By: Michelle Ramos

Video doorbells aren't just a resident favorite, but they also help single family property teams manage their assets more efficiently.Video doorbells aren't just a resident favorite, but they also help single family property teams manage their assets more efficiently.
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Smart video doorbells are one of the hottest features residents and owners are adding to the top of their improvement and amenity lists.

Smart home technology has evolved tremendously over the years, and there always seems to be a ‘hot’ new item residents and owners are dying to get their hands on. Recently, the video doorbell has taken this title.

For those unaware, a doorbell camera is an outdoor camera placed on someone’s front door that is either battery-powered or hardwired into an existing doorbell and chime setup. It will alert the user when someone either rings the doorbell or detects motion. In addition, they can usually live stream the motion and let the user greet and interact remotely with whoever is at their doorstep.

These have become increasingly popular with residents and homeowners throughout the years. And when it comes to single family rentals,  there is undoubtedly value in utilizing them from a property management standpoint, especially for those managing scattered-site assets.

Why invest in video doorbells?

Video doorbells, in particular, can sometimes feel like an upgrade in the overall experience for residents of rental homes. In addition, they can often feel like an added security level, and since many of these video doorbells offer live streaming, residents can keep tabs on their home while away. This lets residents track packages and interact with those on their doorstep.

Investing in smart home technology is a wise investment for your single family rental property as it increases your property’s value in the long run while also giving it an edge over those properties that have not yet stepped into the 21st century. Equipping rental properties with the right smart home devices should typically attract better-quality tenants who will care for your property and stay there longer. Adding an essential piece of smart home technology, like doorbell cameras, can increase rent rates helping to grow your property’s revenue.

Additionally, video doorbells can help protect your vacant assets as they allow property teams to remotely monitor vacant homes from virtually anywhere. And while they do come with an upfront cost, they tend to be worth the initial investment as they help attract quality residents and generate strong NOI .

Do renters like video doorbells?

Tech-savvy renters are attracted to smart home technology and tend to seek out homes equipped with the devices they’re looking for. Many are beginning to expect smart home devices and are willing to pay top dollar for integrated homes.

Recently, the NMHC/Grace Hill Renter Preferences Survey Report was released, and took a deep dive into what today’s renters are looking for when searching for their next home. It uncovered that 48 percent of respondents are interested in properties with a video intercom at their entrance. Meanwhile, 64 percent of respondents indicated that they are interested in rental homes with a video doorbell at their doorstep. These respondents even stated that they were willing to pay an extra $35.64 on rent per month for homes with a video doorbell present.

SmartRent’s Ring Integration

With the growing popularity of video doorbells, SmartRent integrates with Ring devices to provide our single family rental clients and residents with a seamless experience.

The integration allows residents who already have a Ring device to pair it to their SmartRent app. Avoiding app fatigue, this integration lets residents access, view, and manage their Ring devices on the same app that they use to manage all their other devices. Residents will also receive real-time notifications to their devices from the SmartRent app whenever a motion is detected.

This integration is just another layer of the modern living experience we aim to provide residents of SmartRent communities.

Adding Smart Home Technology to Your Portfolio

Getting started with smart home technology can seem daunting, with all the available options and solutions. That’s why at SmartRent, we work towards understanding your current pain point, learning your properties, and understanding who your residents are. Then, we will build a custom plan that fits your needs and goals.

You can take the first step by booking a quick, one-on-one demo with one of our experts, who will give you some insight into how our solutions can modernize your portfolio.