Why Community Access Control Might Be Your Next Best Time-Saving Hack

By: Michelle Ramos

Learn how SmartRent's Access Control solution can save your team time everyday. Learn how SmartRent's Access Control solution can save your team time everyday. Learn how SmartRent's Access Control solution can save your team time everyday. Learn how SmartRent's Access Control solution can save your team time everyday.

Your team is faced with a busy day of move-ins and maintenance on the community pool. Meanwhile, a resident has lost their fob to enter the community. Prospects are now beginning to arrive for their scheduled tours, eager to see their potential new home. Your team is limited and can only be in one place at a time, so how can you efficiently handle all of this at once? The answer is this, drum roll, please, access control.

Access control automates community entry and helps maximize a property team's efficiency by avoiding the daily inefficiencies of replacing lost keys and letting team members, delivery services, vendors, prospects, and guests in and out of different entry points within the community. In addition, it allows teams to remotely manage access into communities while simultaneously working on other daily tasks.

Solutions like SmartRent's very own Alloy Access give busy property teams control of their time while efficiently and effectively managing their property's access from the comfort of an easy-to-use platform, regardless of where each community is located.

Getting to Know Alloy Access

Alloy Access is an access control system that allows property teams to easily manage all common area access points like entrance gates, pools, fitness centers, and more. In addition, it solves for a variety of commonly experienced inefficiencies by allowing staff, and even residents, the ability to create and monitor access codes for specific people at specific times.

For instance, delivery services, dog walkers, and prospects on self-guided tours can be granted access codes that let them enter the community at a given time and set to expire thereafter. As a hardware-agnostic solution, Alloy Access works well for both new construction and community retrofitting. Our team of experts can design a strategy of implementation for either setting and as no two communities are the same, we customize recommended solutions to meet the requirements of each individual community.

Time Savings, Costs Savings, & Increased Efficiency

Alloy Access helps build-to-rent property teams save time and decrease unnecessary costs. As a cloud-based solution, this means that property managers no longer need larger teams sitting on-site. Instead, teams can easily manage their communities remotely while experiencing even more control over community-wide access without even being on the property.

By integrating with widely-used property management software, Alloy Access offers many benefits to busy teams:

  1. It saves them the hassle of learning yet another platform.

  2. Limits the number of platforms they switch between throughout the day.

These powerful integrations allow teams to use a simple interface, allowing them to gather and store data in one place, control each community's entry points, and see an auditable history of all community entries. As a result, build-to-rent property teams can enjoy increased efficiency of their daily operations, letting them focus on higher priority tasks.

With this access solution, property teams can manage maintenance and vendor access remotely via unique access codes that can expire at set times.

Access Control Methods & Hardware

Alloy Access offers a wide range of access methods and hardware for a modern experience, whether new construction or retrofitting an existing build-to-rent community.

Access Methods

  • Access codes

  • Bluetooth

  • Fobs

  • Cards

  • Keys

Access codes and Bluetooth-enabled devices create the most modern and efficient experience for property teams, residents, guests, maintenance, and vendors alike. However, as a hardware-agnostic solution, we can certainly build a system that works best for the individual community - even if that means including a few keys.

Example Hardware

  • Intercom

  • Reader

  • Door strike

  • Cloud bridge

These pieces are just some of the hardware that truly lets property teams work more efficiently.

Standalone Solution or a SmartRent Ecosystem

If access control is a team's only concern, this solution can undoubtedly work on its own as a powerful solution that increases efficiency, decreases costs, and decreases risk. However, its strongest functionality comes when paired with other SmartRent solutions like Self-Guided Tours, Alloy Parking, and smart home IoT. When combined, these create a SmartRent ecosystem of smart home automation that takes property teams to the next level of efficiency.

Breaking the Access Control Mold

While yes, there are many access control solutions available, SmartRent's Alloy Access was built by industry leaders who understand exactly what property teams experience daily. Because of this, the solution was designed to increase teams efficiency while simultaneously providing asset protection regardless of location.

Powerful integrations with countless software and hardware partners push this solution to another level of efficiency by creating a seamless experience for users and offering a selection of hardware to choose from. From beginning to end, SmartRent teams will walk you through the entire process and ensure the proper access control strategy is built for your asset class.

Ready to see the difference Alloy Access can make? Set up some time with one of our experts to see just how we can help your team better manage your community's access.