Why Consolidation in Multifamily is Powerful

By: SmartRent Staff

In today’s multifamily landscape, operators require technology solutions that not only solve specific on-site issues but are also compatible with other property technologies. Seamless product integration is essential for streamlined operations, enhanced product functionality, and optimized property performance.

While multifamily suppliers are beginning to recognize the need for open APIs and single-source-of-truth solutions, integration between products is still a painstaking process. Only when multiple solutions come from the same provider is the product connection created effortlessly. So why aren’t more providers partnering together to ensure ease of product integration and enable single dashboard controls?

When multifamily problem solvers combine forces, the entire industry takes a step forward. Collaborative product development creates the opportunity to align hardware with software, simplifying solution management and centralizing data capture and reporting. The ability to funnel data into a single source of truth dramatically improves analytics and revenue management, allowing properties to operate at previously unattainable levels.

Bringing best-in-breed solutions together through consolidation enables companies to better serve shared customers and market their direct integrations. It also creates a comprehensive ecosystem for operators while removing integration issues from the equation.

Don’t confuse our vision of consolidation with how other companies approach it. We believe consolidation first starts with a partnership - finding ways to integrate well before consolidating into one system. This partnership sets the groundwork for how an acquisition will benefit all parties involved - companies and customers - with the goal of keeping the core of each technology intact.