The Impact of Self-Guided Tours on Leasing Decisions

Self-Guided Tours are Changing the Game for the Modern Resident

As a new generation of renters enter the space, technology is at the forefront of their minds. The rental market share of 49% is dominated by renters under 30 who grew up in a technological age, according to a report from NMHC. Where previous generations may have been more concerned with in-unit laundry for example, today’s modern residents want the latest technology updates - starting with their apartment tour process.

Couple on a self-guided tourCouple on a self-guided tour

“The [SmartRent] system allows our customer to schedule and take an apartment tour with complete autonomy. Not only does this allow us to continue to do business in a safe and responsible way, but it completely elevates our customer experience.”

Kelly Johnson
Vice President of Marketing
MC Residential Communitites

Are you ready to get smart with your leasing process? With SmartRent, you can turn leads into leases, differentiate your community against the competition and increase operational efficiency. Speak with one of our team members today, or contact us here for more information.