The Best Ring Doorbells for Multifamily Apartment Buildings

By: Abby Quillen

Are you looking for solutions to enhance safety, security, and convenience in your multifamily community? Ring Video Doorbells could be one answer. These smart devices combine a doorbell with a camera, microphone, and speakers. They allow residents to see who’s at the door, chat with visitors, and manage package delivery—even when they’re away from home.

Ring Video Doorbells may help you attract and retain the significant percentage of residents who value safety and security. In a 2023 survey, half of renters ranked safety and security as one of their three top considerations for wanting to move.

Thanks to their capability to deter intruders and prevent package theft, video doorbells have grown increasingly popular. In 2023, 20% of American households with internet access had a video doorbell—up from 4% in 2017.

Keep reading to learn about the factors and features to consider when choosing Ring Doorbells for renters, and to discover the best Ring Doorbells for apartments and other types of rentals.

What to consider for a single-unit installation vs. apartment building installation

Living environments differ among apartment buildings and single-family homes. Consider these factors to ensure you choose the right Ring Video Doorbell for your property.

WiFi connection

Ring Video Doorbells require a strong WiFi signal to work properly. For a single-family home, make sure the router is unobstructed and as close to the doorbell as possible.

For multifamily communities, you may want to invest in a managed WiFi solution to deliver high-speed internet across your community. SmartRent’s Community WiFi ensures a fast, secure internet connection to provide uninterrupted connectivity for Ring Video Doorbells and other smart devices.

Neighbor privacy

For a single-family home, privacy concerns may be minimal. But, in multifamily communities, residents live in close proximity and may have apprehensions about being recorded by neighbors’ doorbells.

Learn about Ring’s privacy features to help protect your residents’ privacy. You can set up privacy zones to designate certain areas as off-limits from recording.

Integration with existing systems

Switching from app to app to control a handful of smart home devices can fatigue or frustrate renters. Before you install Ring Video Doorbells, make sure they integrate with your existing smart home system. SmartRent’s integration with Ring means single-unit residents can use one app to monitor their Ring and other smart devices.

For apartment buildings, you may also need to consider whether Ring Video Doorbells integrate with security and access control systems.

Features to look for in a Ring Doorbell for apartments and multifamily

Understanding these key Ring Video Doorbell features will help you compare and contrast models.

1. Battery-operated doorbells vs. hardwired installation

Wired Ring Video Doorbells use your existing doorbell wiring as their power supply and require professional installation. Once these doorbells are installed, residents won’t need to worry about recharging or replacing batteries.

Battery-operated Ring Doorbells run on rechargeable batteries. These devices are easy to install, but residents will need to regularly recharge the batteries. Depending on the model, they’ll need to remove the battery from the device or bring the entire device to an outlet.

If your homes have doorbell wiring, you may be able to hardwire battery-powered Ring Video Doorbells to that wiring to receive a trickle charge. The trickle charge won’t power the doorbell but can help recharge the battery so residents won’t need to worry about recharging as often.

2. HD video with night vision

Ring Video Doorbells use infrared light to illuminate the surroundings at night. The human eye can’t detect this type of light, but it allows Ring cameras to record video at night. Some models allow users to turn color night vision on to improve clarity and motion detection.

Every Ring Doorbell offers high-definition video resolution, although the resolution varies between 1080 and 1536 pixels. The models with 1536 pixels capture sharper, more detailed video footage.

3. Two-way talk technology

All Ring Video Doorbells have a two-way talk feature that allows residents to hear and speak to visitors in real time, even when they’re away from home.

4. Motion detection and alerts

All Ring Video Doorbells have motion detection. When the doorbell detects movement, it sends an alert to the resident’s smart device.

5. Package alerts

Select Ring Doorbells have package detection to alert residents when someone leaves a package on their doorstep. For this feature, residents must purchase a Ring Protect subscription.

6. Quick replies

Quick Replies is a smart feature available on all Ring Video Doorbells. It’s like an answering machine for the front door. Your residents can activate it to play a preset message for visitors. Then visitors can leave a reply.

Ring Video Doorbell features

Expert Pick: Which Ring Video Doorbell is best for single-unit installations?

For single-unit installations, you may want to choose hardwired Ring Video Doorbells since most single-unit homes have doorbell wiring. Your residents won’t need to worry about recharging the battery, which boosts the convenience factor. And you’ll rest assured knowing your property’s safety and security measures won’t be interrupted by a dead battery.

The Wired Doorbell Pro offers all the features most residents want in a Ring Video Doorbell, including the highest-definition resolution, color night vision, two-way talk, motion detection and alerts, and package detection. Plus, it features 3D Motion Detection, which uses radar to pinpoint movements around the home and property. This technology can enhance security and offer residents peace of mind that they can monitor their property.

Expert Pick: Which Ring Video Doorbell is best for apartment buildings?

The best Ring Doorbell for apartments depends on the infrastructure in your buildings. If your apartments don’t have doorbell wiring, you’ll want to opt for battery-operated Ring Video Doorbells. The Video Doorbell 2nd Generation is a budget option that offers customizable privacy options. With 1080p HD resolution and black-and-white night vision, it’s a good choice when night vision isn’t a high priority—like when community hallways are lit around the clock.

Similarly, the Video Doorbell Wired may be a good option for apartment buildings with doorbell wiring. As the smallest Ring Video Doorbell, this model has a low profile but offers the features most apartment residents need.

Expert Pick: Which Ring Video Doorbell is best for renters?

Are your residents asking permission to install Ring Doorbells? Consider asking them to stick with battery-operated devices to simplify installation.

The Ring Peephole Cam is a good option for apartment renters to install on their own. It replaces the existing peephole on a door. It’s simple to install and requires no drilling or screws. Plus, it offers customizable privacy settings to respect nearby neighbors.

Renters in single-family homes may prefer the Battery Doorbell Plus or the newer Battery Doorbell Pro. Both are simple to install. You just need to screw a mounting bracket to the wall next to the door. Both models offer the highest definition of video as well as color night vision, which are valuable features in an outdoor setting. The Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is a better option if security is of high concern as it provides an aerial view of the property.


Equipping your homes with Ring Video Doorbells is an investment in the safety and security of your multifamily community. At the same time, you may attract more responsible, tech-savvy residents who value security and convenience.

You can further enhance your residents’ living experience by integrating Ring Video Doorbells into your smart home system. SmartRent pairs with many Ring devices for single-family rental clients. Residents in these homes can enjoy the convenience of using the SmartRent Resident App to control their Ring Video Doorbells and other smart devices.