How to Choose the Right Package-Management System for Your Multifamily Community

By: Abby Quillen

As package deliveries increase at multifamily communities, package management is a critical component of day-to-day operations. The right package-management system can liberate site teams, enhance security, and improve the resident experience.

You have several package management options—-from smart package rooms to smart package lockers to off-site storage—and sorting through them can feel daunting. To choose the right system for your current and future needs, it’s helpful to gather data and think about the specifics of your community.

Factors to consider

1. Community size

How many homes are in your community? If your community is small, it may make sense for your site team to manually manage packages in a traditional package room. If your community includes a large number of homes, investing in a scalable, automated solution—such as a smart package room or smart package lockers—makes more sense.

2. Package volume

How many packages does your community receive daily? Calculate the average number. Be sure to consider your seasonal volume during the holidays and other busy times.

If you don’t currently manage packages in your community, consider sending out a community survey to ask about the volume of packages residents receive normally and during the holidays. You may also want to ask if residents have security concerns or package-management preferences.

Before you invest in any package-management solution, make sure it can handle the number of packages your community receives at your busiest time of the year.

3. Space

How much space do you have within your community for a package-management solution? It may be helpful to consult with your architect or builder. A package-management vendor can also help you assess options and make recommendations.

If you have a room to devote to package management—even a small one—a smart package room may be the most space-efficient solution. Smart Package Room, SmartRent’s solution, can handle 2–3 times the number of packages as smart package lockers can in the same amount of space.

If you don’t have a room available but have a hallway, lobby wall, or covered outdoor area, smart package lockers may fit in these spaces. If you have no space to devote to on-site package management, you may want to research off-site solutions.

4. Security

What are the security risks in your community’s location? It may be helpful to compile data about local theft and vandalism for a risk assessment.

Smart package rooms and smart package lockers offer a high level of security. In a traditional package room, you determine the level of security. Depending on your security needs, you may want to factor in the expense of an access control system, video surveillance, or an electronic logging system. Off-site storage solutions vary in their levels of security. Research the company’s security measures before investing in its solution.

5. Integration capabilities

Which package-management solution integrates best with your access control, security, and smart home systems? Consult with an IT professional or your current vendors to make sure you understand the ease of integration for any system you’re considering.

6. Customization options

Change is the only constant in most communities. Make sure any package-management solution you choose offers flexibility and customizable storage areas to accommodate your community’s current and future needs. Smart package rooms are a highly customizable and scalable solution.

7. Accessibility

Accessibility is essential for all communities. Invest in a solution that offers easy access for couriers and residents. It should be compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), meaning it has accessible pathways, entrances, exits, and communication for people with disabilities.


The right package-management solution depends on the needs of your community. By gathering data and considering the seven variables above, you can find a solution that serves your residents and meets the unique requirements of your community.