Smart Lighting Options for Apartment Residents

By: Marissa Cohen

Image of person controlling smart lights on phoneImage of person controlling smart lights on phone
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In today’s digital age, so much of our world can be controlled with the click of a button. Whether it's ordering food from your favorite restaurant or grabbing an Uber on demand, our needs are met nearly instantaneously with a quick click. So why not implement these same conveniences at home?

Smart lighting is easy to install, and is extremely convenient, allowing consumers to control their lighting from virtually anywhere. If you have ever come home from being out all day and realized you left the lights on, and instantly dreaded the cost of your next electric bill, you probably need smart lighting.

Never forget to turn off the lights again

By installing smart light bulbs, residents can turn lights on and off from nearly anywhere with the use of their smartphone . Users can see if the lights in their home are turned on or off and can change them remotely with a simple tap of their smartphone.

Not only is smart lighting convenient for residents, but it can also provide costly savings for property management as well. Implementing smart lighting within common areas allows site staff to keep electric costs under control. In addition, smart light bulbs can be used in vacant units so that lights will be turned off when there is not a maintenance technician present or a tour occurring in the unit.

An easy install

Smart light bulbs are super easy to install and work similarly to regular light bulbs. Once the smart bulb is screwed into the light socket, it needs to be paired to the smart hub. The smart hub uses reliable and secure Z-Wave communication for remote control of connected smart home devices, allowing users to control their smart lighting settings directly from the app.

Customized lighting

Smart lighting allows users to select the color temperature and brightness to suit their ideal environment. Smart lighting can also be programmed to turn on and off at specific times.

For example, lights can be scheduled to come on at sunset when there is no longer natural light, or first thing in the morning upon waking up. Smart home lighting is completely customizable to meet your needs!

Protect your home, even when you’re away

Remote control of smart home lighting gives users a greater sense of protection even when they are not around. Users can set lights to turn on so they appear to be home, even when they may be vacationing thousands of miles away. This can deter intruders that may attempt to take advantage of an empty home. Users can even add additional self-monitored home security devices to their smart home platform for added protection.

Get Started with Smart Lights

Smart lighting provides numerous benefits to apartment residents and property management companies. It’s eco-friendly, cost effective and easy to install. Smart lighting is a no brainer for residents and staff that want a convenient and customizable light solution.

To learn more about smart lighting and all our smart building solutions, speak to a SmartRent sales rep.