SmartRent’s Newest Feature: Smart Garage Door Control ada

By: Marissa Cohen

New feature release: smart garage door controlNew feature release: smart garage door control
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SmartRent is excited to release our newest feature - smart garage door control. This new feature has been highly requested and we have prioritized providing this offering for our clients and their residents. The feature is designed to enhance the access control experience by allowing residents to control their garage doors directly from the SmartRent app.

How It Works

Residents now have the ability to open and close their garage doors directly from the SmartRent app. Whether they’re at home or on-the-go, control is directly at their fingertips. We also now offer residents visibility into garage door activity. In order to view garage activity, residents can navigate to the activity feed in their SmartRent App. Residents can rest easy knowing they have added protection to monitor when their smart garage door is being opened or closed. Additionally, just as management teams now have the access to monitor parking spaces, teams will also be able to control and monitor vacant and unoccupied garage doors via Community Manager Web.

Smart Garage Door Benefits

Smart garage door control makes it easy for residents to open and close their garages directly from their smartphone, adding both convenience and increased protection.If a resident forgets to close their garage, they can close it from virtually anywhere with just the tap of a button. The resident can even open the garage door when a guest arrives, right from the comfort of their couch.

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