Smart Parking Solutions with Alloy Parking

By: Marissa Cohen

woman smiling at her phone inside parking garagewoman smiling at her phone inside parking garagewoman smiling at her phone inside parking garagewoman smiling at her phone inside parking garage

SmartRent is known for our full ecosystem of home automation software that affords flexibility and ease for property managers, owners, operators and residents. In tandem with these efforts, SmartRent has introduced a new parking management system: Alloy Parking.

Alloy Parking was built to eliminate the retroactive parking enforcement model, optimize parking space utilization and provide properties with dynamic ancillary revenue opportunities. Additionally, Alloy Parking acts as a single source of truth for all your managed parking facilities, streamlining the parking space management process for staff while increasing revenue by implementing monetization of underutilized parking spots.

Alloy Parking Features

Alloy Parking is made up of several components that make it a smart investment for any property. Alloy Parking streamlines the management of resident parking spaces by providing you with the latest parking technology to help keep your property safe, limit unauthorized parking and make sure residents can readily access their designated parking space(s), all while providing a seamless parking management interface.

Resident Parking

Resident parking has been a long time pain point for multifamily communities. Whether there’s insufficient parking for residents, unauthorized vehicles on property, or inaccuracies in parking management, we customize the solution to meet your community needs. We have solved these problems by providing a software solution that allows property managers to have accurate data on their parking inventory while maximizing NOI.

Parking Decals

Decals are an optional feature that can be utilized as an additional way to identify vehicles. We offer both generic and custom, white-labeled decals, or you can manufacture your own that we can utilize with our system.

Alloy Parking & Community Manager

Alloy Parking is fully compatible with SmartRent's Community Manager platform, however, you do not need to be a current customer to use this solution in your community. With the ability to add or remove parking spaces, assign resident parking, add vehicles, validate plates or decals and so much more, Alloy Parking helps properties manage their parking from one easy-to-use platform.