4 SmartRent Products Perfect for Your On-Campus Community

By: Amelia Woolard

SmartRent user holds a smartphone with parking information displayed on the screen.SmartRent user holds a smartphone with parking information displayed on the screen.SmartRent user holds a smartphone with parking information displayed on the screen.SmartRent user holds a smartphone with parking information displayed on the screen.

When students enroll in college, they are faced with many decisions. Which classes should I take? Would the bowling club be fun to join? Should I live on campus or off campus?

The decision to live on campus is one that many colleges and universities encourage for incoming students. First and second-year students are more likely to return to college the following year if they live on campus. Students who live on campus minimize commute times, may feel less homesick, and may even earn higher GPAs than those who live off campus.

Yet, living on campus can also mean living without many of the amenities that are now common in luxurious off-campus apartments. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Smart technology can be an ideal partner for on-campus student housing. Promising increased efficiency and a heightened resident experience, smart home automation can transform and elevate the on-campus living experience for both students and housing staff

Take a look at four smart technology products that are perfect for on-campus living. Eager to get started right away? Request a SmartRent demo now.

1. Smart Locks with Multi-Lease Support

Trends from the 90s may be cool again, but physical keys on campus are so 30 years ago. Smart locks are the new era of seamless access.

Smart locks are a convenient way for students to manage access to their residence. They eliminate the need for keys, freeing housing teams from re-keying locks and time-consuming key distribution.

Smart locks can open doors with just a tap from a smartphone via a z-wave connection and some locks allow residents to gain entry with a personalized access code. When paired with perimeter access control, smart locks provide a seamless way to navigate your housing buildings. They can even facilitate automated move-ins and move-outs.

For student housing providers, SmartRent locks have the ability to honor multiple leases or housing contracts. With this functionality, students can maintain individual leases or residential agreements without compromising access to their home. Request a demo to learn more about our multi-lease feature.

2. Smart Thermostats

Although college students living on campus are old enough to manage their own thermostats, they don't yet pay the bills. Because of that, on-campus housing providers are well-positioned to help residents make smart energy decisions.

With smart thermostats, students can operate and adjust their thermostats remotely using a smartphone. That way, they can always control their device, no matter where they are.

On average, smart thermostats can save 12% on heating and 15% on cooling costs. The ability to set temperature parameters in occupied spaces helps staff prevent thermostats from running unnecessarily, thus reducing utility bills.

SmartRent’s smart thermostats also respond to “vacant mode,” which is initiated by an operator when a resident moves out. When vacant mode is activated, the thermostat adjusts to a more efficient setting. Given that the typical dorm room consumes just over 30% of all electrical energy while vacant, this feature can go a long way in preventing unnecessary consumption.

3. Leak Detection Sensors

Leak prevention poses a unique challenge for student housing operators. Many incoming students may not understand the basics of leak prevention since they are living away from home for the first time. Other students may lack a sense of urgency when reporting broken pipes or malfunctioning appliances.

Regardless of the reasons why leaks may go unnoticed or unannounced, they can still wreak havoc on dorms or on-campus apartments.

There’s a lot of water flowing through educational institutions. Six percent of the United States’ total water use in commercial and institutional facilities happens in educational buildings. What’s more, the average water leak costs $10,000 to repair, and claims exceeding $1 million have tripled every year since 2015. Ensuring that your on-campus community is prepared to recognize leaks is of paramount importance.

Leak detection devices are quickly becoming a must-have for on-campus housing providers. These devices are installed in areas likely to experience leaks, like the space next to a washing machine. When moisture is detected, the device alerts both the resident and the housing operator, so maintenance teams can quickly resolve the problem before it affects multiple units.

4. Parking Management

On-campus parking has always been tight, with housing stock often sharing parking lots with academic buildings and athletic facilities.

Yet, college-aged Gen Z renters rank guaranteed parking as their top amenity in housing communities, prioritizing it above community-wide WiFi and a high-tech fitness center.

A smart parking system can put an end to parking confusion and frustration over having too few spots. Smart parking makes it easy for residence staff to assign parking spots to students and enforce these assignments using smart sensors and hubs, which can determine whether the right vehicle is parked in the appropriate spot.

Guests can also benefit from smart parking. SmartRent’s parking management platform monetizes empty spots when guests need a place to park. Upon arrival, guests can navigate to a designated guest parking area and use a QR code to pay for parking. This helps housing teams ensure that only authorized guests are parking on campus, while also generating a little extra revenue with otherwise unused spots.

Optimize Your On-Campus Experience

College students today are looking for a certain type of on-campus experience. Incoming college students won't settle for quaint on-campus housing that overlooks property technology and all its conveniences.

With SmartRent, you can enhance your on-campus student housing experience and reduce costs while competing with off-campus options.

Any on-campus housing community should consider these four products. For more personalized recommendations, request a demo and we’ll show you how smart home automation can revitalize your on-campus residences.