Powering Smart Locks with the TLJ Zpad

By: Amelia Woolard

The TLJ Zpad powers a variety of TLJ smart locks. The TLJ Zpad powers a variety of TLJ smart locks. The TLJ Zpad powers a variety of TLJ smart locks. The TLJ Zpad powers a variety of TLJ smart locks.

What’s a smart home without smart locks?

Smart locks are vital components of any smart building. They are often the first devices that a company installs, paving the way for the introduction of further smart home technology later on.

According to a recent report from Fact.MR, the global smart lock market will grow 18% annually to reach $47 billion (USD) by 2032. With more smart locks coming to the UK soon, now is the time to learn more about smart lock technology and how one cutting-edge product powers our favourite smart locks.

Keep reading to learn more about the Zpad from TLJ Access Control and how it supports TLJ’s range of smart locks for developments across the UK.

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Smart locks vs. traditional door locks

Buildings traditionally have locks that require a key to open. Smart locks provide an alternative to mechanical locks while maintaining the same level of security. Smart locks are electronic door locks controlled by a smartphone or other electronic device.

There are multiple reasons why smart locks offer better security and functionality than traditional locks. Below are a few of them:

  • Smart locks can be controlled via mobile devices. 88% of all adults in the UK own a smartphone, which means that most adults already own the device needed to control an electronic door lock.

  • Smart locks enable smart access. It's impossible to imagine a cloud-based access control system without smart locks, which allows entry to residents, visitors, and even delivery drivers. Learn more about access control with this guide to the basics.

  • They facilitate self-guided tours. The self-guided tour increases team efficiency and helps lease homes faster. Prospective residents also find them appealing, as outlined in our recent whitepaper.

Zpad for smart locks

SmartRent recently integrated with TLJ Access Control and now supports the manufacturer's Zpad. The Zpad advances access control by integrating TLJ’s range of smart locks with the SmartRent ecosystem.

The Zpad is an online, real-time, battery-powered, and wireless digital keypad that wirelessly connects with TLJ locks. This lock is installed on the door itself, while the Zpad sits adjacent to it. It is usually mounted next to the door on the wall or door frame.

Locks and Zpads are connected wirelessly, while Zpads communicate with SmartRent's network via Z-Wave. This way, residents, guests, and site teams can control the electronic door lock securely both using pin codes on the Zpad digital keypad and remotely from their mobile devices.

Locks supported by the Zpad

When it comes to choosing a Zpad-supported smart lock, our UK clients have options. We highly recommend these locks by TLJ Access Control:

Invisible by TLJ

The Invisible by TLJ lock is so seamless, you’ll hardly know it’s there. Featuring a contemporary design, Zpad features, and all major electrical components of the lock hidden from view, the Invisible is an ideal choice for buildings looking to implement smart access control.

Rezlok by TLJ

A fully self-contained electronic handle set, the Rezlok by TLJ is slim, stylish, and jam-packed with must-have features. It’s a perfect choice for both new builds and retrofits. Plus, it sets itself apart from other TLJ locks because it can be installed with multipoint locking systems on PVC, metal or composite doors, as well as more traditional wooden construction.

TLJ Revolution

A sleek and slim offering from TLJ, the Revolution is a lot like the Rezlok in size. The TLJ Revolution series utilises a RFID key card and Bluetooth smartphone technology for contactless operation, just like other electronic locks from the manufacturer. Because of its size, the Revolution is ideal for doors with no prior fittings to disguise.

TLJ Identity

Make a statement with smart locks when you install the TLJ Identity model. Compared with the Invisible, Rezlok, or Revolution, the Identity has a "split" design with a separate handle and reader. Like the Revolution, the Identity is best suited for doors without previous lock fittings to conceal.

TLJ Infinity

TLJ’s most popular electronic lock, the TLJ Infinity sets the standard in simple, secure access. Contactless access is a given with the Infinity, which offers the same RFID key card and wireless smartphone technology as the company’s other products. The Infinity is ideal for new builds and especially retrofits, because it can conceal prior fittings, minimising installation time and cost.

Smart technology for a smarter asset

Smart locks are one upgrade you'll want to be aware of if you're looking to enhance your smart building. With these electronic door locks, you can automate access as well as conduct self-guided tours. Plus, you can be sure that your assets are secure with the Zpad backing your TLJ locks.

Curious to learn more about TLJ Zpad and the locks it supports? Request a demo and we’ll walk you through the best options for your portfolio.